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Testimonials and Reviews

Acupuncture and Massage Testimonials

"I just went in for some acupuncture and it helped my severe pains I have in my left arm, left neck, and back/shoulder area. I highly recommend going to May, she is very nice, thoughtful and knowledgeable. I will going in for the 4 session package (Not counting the one I just went in for).
I walked in with a lot of pain and movement was very limited, after leaving I felt better and had more movement range.
I will keep posting feedbacks as my situation progresses.
Thanks May, you are aMAYzing!!!"

-Wizard Wrath, via Google, 2016

"I went to acupuncture to see if it would help my knee. I had surgery for a torn meniscus and it still bothered me after running. I had both acupuncture and therapeutic massage and it has really helped. I have had 6 sessions and Mei showed me some stretching exercises and also where to massage my knee. She is very knowledgeable and I recommend seeing her."

-Michael Hee

Kaneohe, HI, 2014

"​I found myself a new wonderful, massage therapist and acupuncturist. I am so happy with her I could jump for joy. I will be seeing her at least once a month from now on, and maybe more.


I luckily found Mei when I needed her the most. I have Fibromyalgia and was having a serious flare up when I went to see her the first time. She is magical. She is an acupuncturist, a massage therapist, she uses cups and is well versed in Chinese herbs. By the time I left her office I knew I was on my way to health. I have a standing 2 hour appointment with her every week. Each week my health improves dramatically. Mei is a kind, caring, professional that actually listens to her patients. I am so grateful to have her as my Doctor. "
-Niki M.

Kaneohe, HI, 2014

"Mei is so good. On vacation here and my husband had bad back pain. We went to the ER over the weekend with very little relief. We just left Mei and he is feeling so much better already. She listens and really works with you. So happy to have found her."

-Tamara C., via Google, 2014

"Mei helped me reduce the frequency and duration of Restless Leg Syndrome and has also recommended and herbal supplement that has helped with PMS. Easy to talk to and good practitioner. This is my first time experiencing acupuncture and am very satisfied with the results. It sure beats taking meds and dealing with side effects."

-Lois M.

Kaneohe, HI, 2014

"Mei is outstanding. She helped me breath and helped relieve sinus pressure. With one visit she helped with my carpal tunnel syndrome  that was bothering me. She is a blessing in disguise.  Highly recommended."

-Rozlynn T.

Waianae, HI 9/8/2014

"Mei is the best!

I've been having knee and wrist pain. It would hurt whenever I'd take a simple step and even when I would climb up and down the stairs. Literally pain in every step I took. After ~2 months of dealing with the horrible pain, I finally went to go see a doctor and he referred me to physical therapy.

Around Sept 2013 is when i started seeing a physical therapist. I went 2x a week and seen light results in my wrist only.

In Nov 2013 my physical therapist left the company so I got paired with an occupational therapist. Seen no results. Which is upsetting because it was literally a waste of my time all for nothing with the OT.

So I went to go see my doctor again while he was examining me, he pressed this one area around my right hip bone and I jumped in pain. He said it could possibly be something called "Trochanteric Bursitis" which is basically inflammation of these small sacs located between my bones. He said he could refer me to a joint specialist but I wanted to try acupuncture first because it's drug free and I really do believe in traditional Chinese medicine because its been around for sooo long..much longer than modern medicine where everything is "cured" with drugs.

Desperately searching for a nearby acupuncturist, I was happy to find Qi Hai 808 in Makaha because it's far from the madness in town. I called Mei and left a message. She called back within an hour and luckily I was able to get a same day appointment.

Mei is a great listener and is very patient, so that ensures you'll get the best treatment because she'll know which areas to concentrate on. My problem areas were from my right hip bone all the way along the side of my leg down to my knee and my right wrist.

My first appointment was a 2 hour session with acupuncture, fire cupping, and massage. Acupuncture to me feels like a deep massage and fire cupping is just simply amazing. Honestly, I felt 100% better after the appointment! It seriously felt like a miracle when I was able to walk, climb stairs, jump, squat, or run without feeling any pain.

About a week after the treatment, bits of pain started to come back, which I understand because acupuncture is not a one time treatment in my situation.

Till this day I continue to see Mei in Makaha and I've been doing better than ever. Not at 100% YET but with Mei's skills I will get there! :)

Highly recommended. 5 stars. Thanks Mei!"

-Alysha B.

Waianae, HI 3/13/2014

"Wow!  Is all I can say about Mei Lau's expertise - she eliminated my restless leg syndrome with only one treatment, and after about 6 months, it still hasn't returned.

I have had this problem for most of my life, (69), and didn't even know it had a name until recently.   This condition has kept me from going to sleep for about two hours of tossing and turning and thrashing around every night for all these years.  

The side effects of the drug they advertise for RLS sounds worse than the problem. . . . so I highly recommend Mei's acupuncture treatment - it worked for me absolutely!"

-William J B.

Honolulu, HI 4/2/2013

"Was so happy to find something out in Makaha.  Mei has a great way about her.  Explained the treatments thoroughly to me since I had never had fire cupping before.  I'm a CONVERT!  Had great results from the combo treatments of massage, acupuncture and fire cupping.  Absolutely recommended!!"

-Julianne J. 

Edmonton, Canada 11/28/2013

"Mei is amazing. This was my first introduction to acupuncture and she was so kind and walked me through everything. I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards. The massage that she gave me was the best. Let me just say that I have dreams about it!! She is all around amazing, the facility in Makaha was nice and relaxing, out in the country, and you couldn't ask for a more relaxing environment. I am in love with this woman!"

-Kat P.

Monterey, CA 7/12/2013

"About 3.5 years ago I started the journey towards becoming a mother. I didn't think the one thing that seemed so natural would be some difficult to conceive. After many doctor's appointments, different tests, and surgeries all conclusions lead to "unexplained infertility". I felt pretty defeated in my life long goal of becoming a mother so I decided to seek out other options. 


I found Mei through her website and first started visiting Qi hai for acupuncture about a year ago. I was a women debilitated by my periods from migraines, breast distension, cramps, heavy bleeding (sometimes as much as 14 days in a row) and bloating. The doctor's I saw said, "Some woman have bad periods." So I just thought that was the hand I was dealt. When I first started seeing Mei I felt like I finally had someone who really listened to what I was saying about my body and how it was affecting my life. After visiting Mei for only a few visits my migraines disappeared. They were the marker of when my period was starting and then it changed to a dull headache. After a few months of acupuncture and Chinese herbs my overall well being completely changed. I had more energy and almost all my PMS symptoms had disappeared during my period. My body felt like it was returning to the state it should have been in since I started with these pains when I was 18. 


Now at the age of 35 I am finally pregnant with twins. I believe Mei and the healing she provided me prepared my body to become strong and ready for these babies. I am continuing my treatments with acupuncture as my babies grow to help continue to keep my body in balance. 


Thank you Mei for helping prepare my body for the most important experience of my life. Most importantly thank you for listening to what I needed as your patient and for being so supportive."

-Michelle Y.

Makaha, HI 11/24/13

"Really friendly practitioner. I'd probably be willing to come back just for the conversation. Good thing she's also very skilled in her trade."
-Alexander S.

"Excellent therapist for both massage and acupuncture. Comfortable surroundings. Great experience! Thank-you!"

-Elizabeth J.

"Amazing!!!! Everyone should go here...can't say enough good things about my experience. :)"

-Mark S.

"Mei was very respectful and walked me through every step. She also gave me some good advice for follow-up."

-Terri O.

"Mei was fabulous! What a great massage -one of the best I've had in a long time."

-Danya S.

"Great practitioner. Listens to your concerns and provides the appropriate treatment. "

-Shawna P.

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