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First Visit

Online scheduling is available. Click the green button on the top of the page and it will open a patient portal.  Recently, the online scheduling portal has been updated so you'll need to activate by following the portal instructions or text us at 808-358-0391 and we'll send you an email invite.


Once you've scheduled your session through our online booking system, you'll receive an email confirming your appointment.  Click on "Manage My Appointment" to update your information.

Please follow these guidelines to optimize your acupuncture visit.

  • Dress comfortably in loose draping clothes.  This will allow the practitioner easier access to acupuncture points. Pending on location of pain or discomfort, you may be asked to disrobe and we'll provide full draping.

  • ​Eat at least 1 hour before your visit, even if it's just a snack.  And drink plenty of water throughout the day.​​

Acupuncture treatment follows with needle retention, usually around 30min.  A treatment plan will be put together catering to your specific presentation and needs.  Acupuncture with Adjunct Therapies may include a combination of Tuina (Therapeutic Massage), Fire Cupping and Gua Sha (scraping). If you have a request or preference for any specific therapy, please let your acupuncturist know.  Otherwise, your acupuncturist will select the most appropriate Adjunct Therapy fitting to your present presentation.

After your acupuncture treatment, avoid over exercising, over exertion of sexual activity, over consumption of alcohol and illegal drug use.  Remember to stay hydrated with plenty of water.


Needle insertion sites may be slightly tender, bruised or achy -- these are all minor discomforts lasting a day or two.  Gentle massage will ease the discomfort.  You may soak in an epsom salt bath to help facilitate better blood circulation and minimize post-session aches.  Use with caution if you have high blood pressure or diabetic.   

Most patients report drowsiness and are ready for a nap. We advise patients to take an easy day and rest up.  You'll most likely sleep very well the night of your session.  

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