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Session Pricing

Acupuncture with Adjunct Therapies
$120 - 75 min session
Reproductive Health Acupuncture
$100 - 60 min session
*$20 New Patient Discount*
*$10 Flexpay Card Discount*
*$10 Teachers and Educators Discount*
*$10 Military and Public Safety Officers Discount*
*$20 Cash Discount*
Discounts cannot be combined
Herbal Formula
$35 per 100g granule bottle
$10 per 25g granule pouch
Liniments and Pain Patches also available

Acupuncture with Adjunct Therapy -- 75 min

Sessions include intake, insertion of needles, needle retention and adjunct therapies of massage therapy, fire cupping and

gua sha.

Great for acute or chronic pain, digestive issues, sleep disturbances, stress relief and any health concerns.


Reproductive Health Acupuncture -- 60 min

Sessions include intake, insertion of needles and needle retention. No adjunct therapy.

Great for men and women to improve libido and sexual function or to regulate menstrual cycles and decrease premenstrual symptoms.


Results are greater when an adjunct therapy is combined with acupuncture.  Ending your session with a therapeutic massage therapy, fire cupping and gua sha balances the entire body from head to toe, making the session more well-rounded.

Acupuncture is not an one-time treatment for many issues, especially if you are experiencing chronic issues.  Patients report symptoms reduced after the first few treatments but it takes more subsequent sessions for the body to adjust.  It is important to make a commitment to your health and wellness.

Acupuncture and any adjunct therapy has a cumulative effect. The more treatments, the more responsive and lasting results.  If the time between sessions is too far apart, the body will return to its imbalanced state and we may have to work through those barriers again.

Frequency of treatments will be discussed at your first visit.  For chronic and acute issues, it is most beneficial if patients receive acupuncture 2-3 times per week.  Traditionally, acupuncture was performed daily so health goals were achieved as quickly as possible.  Health goals are obtainable with weekly sessions, but may take a few months.  Frequency of treatments will then decrease to weekly sessions, then to every 2 weeks, then to monthly or seasonal maintenance. 


Every patient is different.  Most see favorable results with your first visit and more substantial results in 4-8 treatments.  Some may need 20+ treatments for more complicated cases.  Your practitioner will discuss the recommended treatment plan with you.​

We suggest patients to restrict the amount of physical and mental activity for the remaining of the day and to go home to rest after the session.  Remember to stay hydrated.

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